Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Advance Virtus test play

The other day I found an interesting set of rules as I was surfing. The rules are Advance Virtus, free to download from, a french wargames site. They are for gaming ancient and dark age battles so I thought, always curious to try out new rules, that I'd give them a bash.
And so I gathered some of my men (not all finished), lined them up and SMASH! I've included some pictures of the very modest affair.
And so? Well they're simple, and I like simple. Being mostly a solo player I don't like complicated systems and lots of book keeping. These rules meet those criteria. They're quite fun but I must test them again (with bigger forces) to get a real flavour. Maybe some more troop variety would spice it up as well.

The battle lines close

After a brief melee the Saxons pull back to rest

Saxon huscarls mixing it up (figures turned back represent losses and disorder, or PC)

In the centre, combat resumes

It's dangerous, it's gory, it's dark age warfare