Saturday, November 17, 2012

3000 views and Stratejeux

Wow, never thought my humble blog would be seen 3000 times in just under a year! When i began this blog i didn't think i would keep it up for long, not really sure what to write in it. The blog is almost 1 year old now (in december), with 3000 views and 43 followers.
Thanks to every one who reads my blabbering and for commenting, your ideas and encouragments help me keep up the pace :D
And tomorrow i'm going to Bordeaux for my first wargames show in 4 years. Yes, for all the time i've lived in France i've never been to a show. In England i went to Derby but i couldn't find anything here, then i found a club in Bordeaux who told me about this show. Really looking forward to it!
Right, time to paint some mercenary crossbowmen...