Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A bit of blabbering

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas yesterday, with plenty of presents, which may or may not be wargames associated. I got the rest of the Perry miniatures (some of the 102 men mentioned the other day, in my last post), as well as 2 men at arms books, one for the Wars of the Roses (bizarrely) and Scandinavian  Armies 1300-1500. Read a bit, they seem like good books. I do like the men at arms, for they explain things quite simply, and lay good foundations to further, more complete reading later.
From Guerre Miniatures i also got a free tape measure with the shop logo on, and a business card with a little note wishing me a happy Christmas. It was nice to read it, i'm now a regular customer!

Plans for 2013? Nothing special, just continue chipping pleasurably away at the plastic mountain. I have made a start on the Maston's retinue (the mounted commander from the last post). They are in black and green, with their badge a sort of flower or wheat head. It is rather similar to a badge of another lord, but it looks good, so why not!
As for the Walkers, i'm still pondering on colours. Their badge will be a stag's head.

Right, next post will be the current Maston retinue, let's hope it's as sunny tomorrow as it was today (the joys of France, sun on Christmas in the middle of December)!