Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gripping Beast Beserkers

Here is the final unit for my 6 point SAGA Viking Warband - they're a unit of Beserkers which will be interesting to see in combat. My buddy Scott A. gave them to me awhile ago as he had spares - I finally had the motivation to paint them today. Actually I had painted their flesh and given them a wash about a week ago and just had the hardest time picking up a brush.
The wolf skins were fairly easy to paint - mostly dry-brushed; two in grey and two in brown. An old copy of WAB's Shield Wall was a great reference for the coloring.
The shield patterns were also shamelessly lifted from Shield Wall pictures.
Interesting enough, I passed up a chance for some SAGA games today which were hosted by my buddy Dan P. at Drumbeat - the annual game day up in Seattle. I had some family commitments (my youngest son's dental check up, etc.), so used my spare time to finish these guys. Oh well, at least my Viking Warband will be ready for the next opportunity.