Saturday, January 12, 2013

I have a plan...

Well, not really, more like some ideas.
Nothing spectacular on the wargames front this week. Being back at lycée, i'm trying to get back into work state of mind. I've also been doing some writing, a story that i might post here as it goes along. Maybe?

I have been thinking a bit about wargames, mainly about an idea i had with a sort of modified Dux Britanniarul rules. I had the idea to create a new fate deck, using nobles' traits to build the hand. Example; a noble is a brave, knightly sort, so in the hand you add Hero of the Age, the one for boosting status (never can remember the name) and one or two of choice from a list. A cunning mercenary leader can have cards that allow him and his troops to move through certain types of terrain, and keep them in line through fear and respect.
I also tried making some new cards for different characters. One is sustained charge, like aggressive charge but over both rounds. Some allow men to move through woods with no penalty, others hills or water (rivers, marshes...), also one where a unit becomes Stubborn and ignores all shock inflicted that turn. Some are also designed for fast, hit and run cavalry, like the Huns.
They're just ideas and thoughts, like lots of things on this blog!

In other news i bought a good magazine with lots on the Hundred Years War (medieval? me? Never...). Plenty of good pictures to look at. I've also been tempted to consider a 15mm army using Legio Herorica figures. They look really nice, and seeing them on a couple of blogs gets the grey cells thinking. Only the pile of Perry Minitaures makes me hesitate; not sure how my parents will react if i order even more figures.
They'll have to wait.
I also made a start on 4 more militia men, but they're not in a state to show yet. Just skin, metal and coats done. Right, time for some tea.

BTW: If any one is interested in some of the card ideas for their Dux adaptions, i can post some up.