Friday, February 1, 2013

Warlord Prussian Landwehr - Completed

Here they are painted up as a unit of 2nd Silesians. I liked the combination of their yellow facings and red shoulder straps. Some Silesian Landwehr units are recorded to have worn the "Stovepipe" shako with a large cross - which would make them look pretty unique, I think.
The colours chosen are noted as "conjectural" - in fact, Landwehr units weren't officially authorized colours, but were known to have carried them in battle; at least by some.
I think this set by Warlord is a pretty good choice for building a Prussian army as almost half the Prussian army was made up by Landwehr units after 1813. As I use 24-man battalions for regular sized units with Black Powder, there are 6 left over marching figures from the 30-figure box.
The box contents are 27 plastic marching figures in three different poses, along with three metal command figures. It also contains several unit colours on the information sheet. I've based them on 40mm square (3mm thick) plywood bases from Litko. Actually, these 6 bases are the last I had remaining from a pack of 100 bases.