Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sharp Practice purchase

After seeing Silver Whistle's Wars of the Roses game using the Sharp Practice rules, i was tempted and decided to get them to see.
Sharp Practice is a Toofatlardies game, based on large skirmishes in the Black Powder era, but Silver Whistle proposed some changes to bring it back to the 15th century. It is therefore bigger than Dux, and after a read through some of the rules are very similar in both games (in a good way).

Armed with a host of rule mods for Dux Britanniarum, i can apply these for these rules (including the campaign system, which is not dependent on what battle rules used) and soon i'll run a game to learn the rules, posting the photos here of course :)

I also have some 15mm and 10mm Napoleonic Austrians, and my brother has some 10mm Russians that might be found, painted and based if i feel like a change of pace.