Sunday, April 7, 2013

A handul of Walkers

Something of a record for me; i painted and based 15 men in a week! I normally do three a week if i'm up to it, but i've been really in the swing of it lately. I also needed to lower the unpainted pile a bit.
First off, the Walker retinue. 9 archers, 7 men at arms and a mounted man. It's not finished yet but i've got a good foundation now.

The stabby element. I noticed i have quite a few heavily armoured men, so the next builds will be lighter. The fully harnessed man with the glaive and dulled armour is the second brother, the mounted is the third and i have yet to build the first. I need a really good idea and build an excellent conversion for the leader.

The shooty part. A couple of conversions but mostly out of the box.

I'm aiming for a retinue of between 20-25 men, half archers or maybe slightly more.

I've also finished off the Danes, adding the leader and three hand gonners. I did forget to add a quarrel bag to the leader (!!!) so that will be added later.
I have 10 Danes, perfect for a Group in SP or some mercenary crossbowmen and harassing troops for DB.

Also did some Maston men, 2 archers and Richard Maston himself in his shining Italian plate. The mounted man at arms next to him has blued armour.

The man, out of focus but proud anyway.

Next on the painting table are the Lowlands pikemen to change the colour rythem a bit. Once they're done it's back to the English, most likely the Mastons to bring them up to strength a bit.