Monday, April 1, 2013

Grey Hulk

I finished painting my version of the Grey Hulk for use in SuperSystem. To get the grey skin tone I tried several different ways of painting and I must admit that it was rather difficult to get it somewhat right. I started from a white undercoat the first time and inked the complete model black. This gave deep dark lines in the recesses that I tried to keep while painting the higher parts of the model dark grey. over the dark grey came a highlight of light grey, but the result was too blotchy. The skin kinda looked like patchwork ... So off with that paintjob!
The second try I opted for a black undercoat and over that I drybrushed a layer of dark grey. Next a wash with black ink and a lighter grey was drybrushed once the ink was dry. This I repeated three times to get this result:
Not quite like the example I found, but good for the tabletop and I doubt that I could do it any better.
The eyes and teeth were picked out with pure white. At this time I noticed for the first time that the models is kinda squinting his eyes ... rather funny looking actually.
 The nails I painted white too, but a wash with sepia ink was put over them to make them look dirty.
 The pants was painted blue, highlighted and then washed with black ink.
 For the base I tried to go for a grassy grey rock. That worked rather well, really pleased with how it turned out!
As I said in the former post this model was a real test for my feeble painting skills, but it turned out quite good. Time to start working on the next one!