Sunday, January 6, 2013

Painting Area Organized

For some time now, I had been looking for an inexpensive painting rack or carousel. Yesterday, my wife picked up this kitchen thingee from TJ-Maxx for about $13.00. In turn, it's sitting in a carry tray so it can easily be moved into hiding if we have guests. A multi-tiered carousel was my first choice, or possibly a suitable spice rack - but this one with two side-by-side carousels seems a decent alternative.
Previously my paints were in a small plastic bin. It was a little frustrating looking for paints as they were all thrown in a single drawer that had them rolling around in all directions and in no order. Now, I will try to keep them in some type of order by color range. I've also been painting on the kitchen table so I can watch TV - at least intermittently. Anyway, it at least seems more efficiently organized now.

UPDATE: My wife suggested I place the coffee mugs with brushes inside the center of the carousels. With the mugs siting in the center, the paint bottles now have a sort of back stop - keeping them from tipping over. As my wife always says, "You need to listen to me." She is usually right 10 out of 10 times.