Sunday, January 6, 2013

Perry Household Cavalry - WIP +1

The cavalrymen are finished - painted as Life Guards. Although the Royal Horse Guards ("Blues") look just as nice, I wanted them to look as British as possible - so red coated Life Guards they are.
I'm sure the Perrys research their subjects thoroughly, but I've yet to find a source showing the musician having winged epaulettes (or "birds nests") as depicted here.
The only thing I have a little problem with are their broadswords. They have a sort of falcata-look to them - not as heavy looking as I'd think they should look. Everything I've read has the British heavy cavalry sword being fearsome looking and heavier than their French counterparts' swords. Still a very nice set of sculpts as would be expected from the Perrys.
The horses are up next; a black undercoat has been followed by a brown one. Hopefully the Minwax stain will darken them a bit more as they are supposed to be blacks.