Saturday, January 5, 2013

Perry Household Cavalry - WIP

Just a quick post to show what I'm working on. This is a WIP shot of a unit of Perry Household Cavalry which will join the British in the Peninsula and later on at Waterloo.
Using a technique I picked up from veteran painter Doug H., I painted the details over a black undercoat before painting the clothing proper. Next will be the red coats for the Life Guards. NOTE: I now see I missed the top of a cross belt on one of the figures - not the first time I've found errors when reviewing pics on the blog - not a bad thing.
I picked this unit up from a generous TMP sale recently. Being a great price I couldn't pass it up as I felt my British force needed more cavalry, especially a heavy unit.
Now I'm heading out the door to meet my buddy Pat L. at The Game Matrix for another WAB refresher game. My Trojan War Chariot Army versus his Seleucids - this time he is bringing an elephant or two.