Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Mastons and the 'Light Box'

First post of the year!
Little experiment of the photo taking front, trying out a 'light box', something i saw on a forum a while ago and decided to try it out, to see if it improves by pictures.
Here it is:

In reality, it's a sheet of thin plasticard blue tacked onto a box.
So, these are the first of the Mastons:

The photos might not be great, but you can see the general look.

One of the 'sergeants' for the Mastons. He's probably an esquire or country gentleman. He will be leading some bill men.

A conversion of a bill carrying arms to now carry a sword and buckler. I made him a while back and have only now got around to paint him.

The halberdier who once carried a banner, but he seemed to lightly armoured to be one. He looks better with a halberd.

Here you can see the badge.

One of the few musicians i have ever painted (not sure why). With only carries a dagger, he won't really want to get stuck in. In Dux there are no rules for them, but someone made a banner and musician group, and they are useful for LOTR.

Man waving his sallet. The feather's defying gravity a bit, probably a fake, stiff one.

Another kneeling man. He's falling over a bit, and might be changed. His purpose will become apparent in the picture below...

'Protect me Jenkins!'
Yes, the pavise carrying servant who's only job is the protect the boss from arrows. He will join a 'command group', the leader for my whole force (if i ever play them as one, big army. One day...).

Some plastics for Walker's retinue, a kneeling archer, a bill man and the sergeant of the bill men. Fist time i've used that left arm.

Two of Walker's men at arms, with putty hands. Finally! Right, now for some paint.