Sunday, February 3, 2013

Making a start

Made a start on my new 15s and painted up two of them. They went quickly and they might not win any painting competitions but i'm looking for a full force, more impressive en masse. Just the bases to do and click for more detail.
I did a little conversion on the spear man, turning the hand and clipping a hole in the spear. I did add a little axe head in plasticard but it fell off so he's a spearman. I kept highlights to a minimum, mainly on the armour and the crossbowman's surcoat.

I've also made a start on a hall and two houses for my campaigns in Runissia and the Kaliad Shore. I'm aiming for a mix of Saxon/Viking buildings for the poorer and rural buildings with later medieval manor houses and towers/keeps for the richer and fashionable men.

Figures to show the size.

The hall's big, but it has to be! I won't stick the roof on so men can go inside.

I plan on doing a tower, like the one i have already in 28mm but perhaps in stone this time, as well as some more farmers houses and a barn and smithy. That was i can have a village, a manor around the hall or a motte and bailey castle around the tower. I'll make a circular palisade from plastic sprue too. Hmmm, plenty to do!