Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tamiya 1/25 German Squad Leader

Here's another figure dug out from a box from the past. It's a 1/25th scale metal figure from Tamiya released in 1974; and apparently discontinued. My mom bought me the kit when I was kid back in Hawaii, so its about 40 years old! I had painted it, but stripped it with Simple Green and just re-painted it.
The magazine for the MP40 was broken off and lost decades ago; a new one was fashioned from plasticard. The front sight is also fabricated from plastic. Binoculars also come with the kit, which still exists, but I decided to leave it off. It would've hung around his neck. Too much clutter in that small area already, I think.
The helmet emblems are hand-painted, and the eagle on the left side is more representational if anything.
I believe the kit came with a canteen, but it must've been lost too. It would've gone on top of the bread bag. It might still be somewhere in another hidden box of junk.
He's painted in early-war uniform - with closed dark green collar and grey trousers. A little bit of green was added to the Vallejo Field Grey for the tunic. The figure was painted pretty much like how I now paint 28mm figures. In fact, after a basic block paint job, he was given a Minwax Tudor Satin stain, followed by highlighting. The photo below shows the figure prior to the staining.