Monday, February 25, 2013

Stadden 54mm Baden Hussar 1812

Well, no sooner did I post the previous WIP shots, that I decided to push through and finish the model. Actually only the red trousers and green dolman and pelisse were needed - as well as the basing.
I think this Stadden is the last of the 54mm metal figures that I had from days gone by - I've kept them with me since childhood (well more like my early teens).
He's on a 40mm Warmachine base; which is cool as it makes him look like a gaming figure.
He comes with a carbine, which I still have, but since he's supposed to be an officer, it's left off.
The Baden Hussars were renowned cavalry, and participated in the "Charge of Death" at Studianka against a much larger Russian force. Only about fifty hussars survived the charge.