Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stadden 54mm Hussar - WIP

Yet another old 54mm figure in the process of being re-painted. So far, just the gold (which there is a lot of) and scarlet facings - as well as straps and belts.
He'll be painted up as an officer of the Baden Hussar Regiment in full-dress. I just love the green and red combination; not to mention the green Hessian boots.
The sabretache design is supposed to be the monogram of the Grand Duke of Baden, "C F", with a crown above.
I've had this model for over 35 years and he was previously painted up as an officer of the French 9th Hussars. He'd been banged around and dropped during the numerous moves while I was in the service. Being an older sculpt, he is a bit stiff looking, but the quality of manufacture is impressive. For instance, real wire is used for the pelisse lanyard, and the straps for the sabretache and sword scabbard have been soldered on.