Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Counting bones ...

I finally have my new armybook for Vampire Counts! For the last couple of days I've been busy reacquainting myself with the fantastic fluff and new units of the fanged counts. Because I'm working on a budget I need to make the most out of the models already in my possession and avoid purchasing new stuff.

Sticking to my fluff for the army I will limit my choices to skeletons, some ghouls and hunting hounds (Dire Wolves). Only Vampires will be used as characters too, no puny human necromancers for me! Give or take some equipment and upgrades this will be the 2K army:

- 20x ghouls
- 15x dire wolves
- 25x skeletons
- 40x grave guard
- 2x fell bats
- 2x vampires
- 1x skeleton giant (proxy terrorgheist)

The giant I still need to buy, but I simply have to have one of these in my army!
Most of the models will be plastics from Mantic. They look great and have tons of extra stuff on the sprues I hope to use as unit fillers.

At my local gamesclub TSA there are plans of holding some sort of 500pts event for WHFB. That would be the perfect way for me to get back into fantasy! So I plan to filter 500pts worth of models out of the above and paint them up as soon as possible. A testmodel for the colourscheme is drying as I type this article so fingers crossed ...