Wednesday, April 3, 2013


This is a new game that Makaison and myself are going to test. With the urban sprawl of Britain as the setting this proves to be a riot of a game (pun intended)!

What makes No-Go-Zone special is the lack of dice. You play it throwing signs, yes signs! I find this aproach so refreshingly funny that I'm already giddy without even playing the game! Not too sure how it works, but these are the signs you can make:
"Flip" seems like a sure way to get the attention while playing at your local gameclub! Get ready for a lot of explaining your behaviour whilst playing this ...

I had some cops in my collection so when Makaison gets his hands on the rules and models in the starterset we're good to go! Although the setting is in Britain I'll be using these American coppers to get started:
You can download paper models for the police vehicles and streets here, but I'm going to look at some cheap toy cars to see if I can find anything in the correct scale.

Hope to give you a report of our first game soon!