Monday, April 1, 2013

The Bone Collector

I plan on creating a new Vampire Counts army, but instead of collecting any and all models Undead I want a theme for my army. Without the actual 8th edition armybook in my possession I will use the previous one as a guide for the fluff of my army and adapt the choice of units once I get a copy of the book myself.

The story of Abhorash defeating the Red Dragon are known far and wide in the Old World, but what happened to his trusty followers? This is the tale of one such loyal follower of Abhorash: Ankhat the Undead lord now only known and feared as The Bone Collector.
After his master defeated the Red Dragon Ankhat travelled to The Border Princes to challenge the most feared Warlords he could find. None could stand before him and live, be they Orc, Human, Deamon, Elf or Dwarf all fell before his blade and their blood sustained and strenghted Ankhat. In the middle of this war torn  land he would wait for his Red Dragon ... his release from the thirst ...

In the ruined citadel known as The Boneyard he commands vast legions of skeleton warriors. Only the true dead strong of bone may have the honour of serving Ankhat. Great packs of hunting hounds bring the bones of warbands and armies defeated by his skeleton warriors, these "fallen" are then forced into servitude by The Three Captains. Awe-inspiring Vampire knights that lead the armies of The Bone Collector. Always scouting the Old World for mighty warriors and demi-gods so that their master may someday find his "Red Dragon".
 The core of the army will be made up by skeletons. If I can find the models I would like to include skeletons of various races to resemble the many victories of The Bone Collectors armies. Some units of Dire Wolves need to be included to represent his hunting hounds. A skeleton giant is high on the wish list to include in the army and I'm hoping there's something in the armybook that I could use as an excuse to get him the army!

Some Ghouls to represent the few slaves that Ankhat keeps to do the work that his skeletons can't.

The rest of the army will be a Vampire lord (Ankhat) and three Vampire heroes (the Three Captains) alongside any cool skeleton model I can find an excuse for in the armylist to put it on the tabletop!