Saturday, January 12, 2013

1,000 Point Bolt Action Armies - German & US

Just messing around with the free army list calculator kindly available from Bolt Action.Net I pointed up both a German and US 1,000 point army. I just ordered the rule book and have yet to receive it but wanted to see how my existing WW2 models pointed up. I've used them in the past with Disposable Heroes and except for the King Tiger have been able to use all of them at one time or another. According to the list builder it appears a 1,000 point army is limited to one tank - although it could be a King Tiger! :)
In the photo above all the vehicles except for one Panzer IV are excluded from this 1,000 point German army. The figures for the army, which are in the foreground, include an officer, three squads of Fallshirmjager (Veterans), two smaller squads of Inexperienced Heer, one each HMG and Panzerschreck teams, and finally a lone Panzer IV.

The next photo shows all of US forces I have available, but again only the units in the foreground are part of the 1,000 point army.
The US force is made up of an officer riding the jeep, two squads of Veteran Infantry (4th Armored Division) riding in M3 Halftracks with MMGs, two Veteran Airborne (101st) squads, a Medic (mainly because I have a figure for it and available on the list), two .30 Cal. MMG teams, one of which has a 3/4 ton transport, one each Sniper, Flamethrower and Bazooka teams, and finally one M10 tank destroyer rated as Veteran.

Of course, these are only preliminary lists and will likely need a lot of adjustments after reviewing the rule book proper, but at least it gave me a rough idea of the limitations of troop types and armament. I'm pleasantly surprised that a lot of the local crew have really picked up on these rules - just like SAGA. I can get my WW2 stuff on the table again.