Thursday, April 4, 2013

PS3, trophies and the Fart In A Jar mystery

Behold! The Holy Grail of trophyhunters: a Platinum trophy!

I'm not calling myself a real trophyhunter, but this little contest I'm having with the Evil Genius from the Società really adds to the fun of playing videogames. Our objective is simple: the one with the highest trophy level at the end of 2012 is the winner.

At the moment Tomsche has quite a large lead on me. He's at 53% of level 11 and I'm at 86% of level 10. My kids and wife used to help with the trophies, but they either quit playing or started gaming on the DS or PC. So the playingfield is somewhat even again between me and Tomsche.

My goal of achieving a platinum on Saints Row 3 is proving harder than I thought. The story itself was finished before I knew it and I'm still having a blast just causing chaos and havoc at random in Steelport! it would be wiser to concentrate on completing all the challenges, but once I kill my first cop by accident the war is on and after a couple of hours of shooting and random violence I realise that I forgot to complete those challenges again .... oh well, someday I'll get that platinum!

I did however finally solve the mystery of the Fart In A Jar! You need that weapon to complete a challenge on the way to that platinum, but I could not find it ....
 Turns out this crazy contraption is just an upgrade of the stun grenade! Didn't see that one comming. So to all those gamers wondering where the heck that Fart In A jar is to be found: upgrade your grenades!

Sometimes a gamer needs some change so he switches between a couple of games. Whem I'm not playing Saints Row it's this little gem of a game that floats my boat:
The game is far from perfect with quirky camera and controls, graphics that aren't top of the bill and some sound problems, but remember Silent Hill? This game gives you the same awkward feeling to your stomach. The same tension grips you when you explore the asylum in search of the Jigsaw killer. The traps are original and heaps of gory fun! If you're a fan of horror games buy this, you can pick it up at a budgetprice these days.
To get a break from the horror and violence in my PS3 I'm playing a PS2 classic:
Because we are Plus members I could download this great platformer for free in the PSN store. An easy, but very fun game to play and ideal for a quick 30min play before going to sleep.

That's about it for my PS3 ramblings ... Game on!